Are Hydro Cell Water Bottles Good?

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Hydro Cell is a new brand in the water bottle market. Its water bottles are famous for the low prices and fashionable designs. So are Hydro Cell water bottles good? Ecoshine Drinkware Limited tested the performance of the Hydro Cell stainless steel water bottle with wide mouth 32 oz in many respects and now presents you the results in detail.

Ease of Use

Actually, Hydro Cell water bottle 32 oz has an amazing insulation performance. We filled the bottle with ice cubes on Monday and they melted after 18 hrs. When we took a sip of the water, we could still sense the chillness! Besides, we also noticed that there were no sweating or condensation issues on the outer shell, which proved the good insulation capacity from another perspective.    

We also tested its heat-retention capability. In the morning (around 6 am) we poured hot coffee into the bottle and found the coffee still lukewarm after lunch the same day. We repeated our tests and believed that the Hydro Cell water bottle with wide mouth 32 oz was capable of keeping hot liquids warm for 6 hours. The bottle is also suitable for holding other hot liquids such as milk and tea.

Hydro Cell water bottles adopt food-grade stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304), containing no BPA or other toxin. Although some replaceable lids/caps are made by plastics, they are also BPA free and are eco-friendly. You can use the bottle at ease.

This Hydro Cell water bottle is easier to be held in the hands. You may not find this strength in a minute, but the comfortable and pleasant touching would indeed impress you later! The bottle is coated with thickened finish on the external shell, which offers you extra strong grip. And we thought this nice and practical finish must have won a lot of customers.  

Also, the wide mouth of the bottle provides people with convenience when it comes to filling/refilling. It should be noted that the big opening will also give you a face wash or chin dribble if you move the bottle improperly while taking a swig. As long as you screw the cap/lid tightly, the remarkable sealing performance ensures that the Hydro Cell water bottle never leaks.


Hydro Cell water bottle with wide mouth 32 oz does a good job of presenting the original flavor of the liquids authentically. We carried out a flavor test and surprisingly found that the material of both the bottle body and the lid/cap did not impart funky tastes to the contents. Actually, they were as fresh as they were 12 hours ago. We also poured sports drinks into the bottle and refilled it with pure water after we washed the bottle by hand. Ecoshine’s testers could only sense a slight scent of the sports beverages. And after we did another wash, the scent went away completely!

However, when it comes to hot liquids such as coffee and tea, the Hydro Cell water bottle retains more tastes. So you may need to wash the bottle thoroughly with soap or vinegar to get rid of the previous tastes of other liquids and restore the original and authentic one.  


After we did a dropping test of the Hydro Cell water bottle, we confirmed the durability of this bottle. The Hydro Cell sustained dents in its base, and although the dents unavoidably come out, the bottle did not shatter, nor did the insulation performance be affected. If you want to better protect your Hydro Cell water bottles, you can purchase the matched boot, which is made by BPA-free silicone and can minimize the impact caused by dropping. The shell is coated with anti-rust and anti-scratch finish, further protecting the body part. Hydro Cell also offers you product warranty against quality issues, so if the bottle has any problem, you can contact Hydro Cell and ask for a new one for free. Nice after-sells service, right?

Ease of Cleaning

Another advantage of the wide mouth of the Hydro Cell water bottle is the ease of cleaning. You can easily put your hands into the bottle, wiping and washing the inner stainless steel wall manually. Besides, the premium BPA-free material allows you to wash it in a dishwasher without any damage. It should be noted that the lid and the body of the Hydro Cell water bottle should be cleaned separately as it is often the case that the lid is made of plastics (straw is made by silicone) that is less sturdy than the body made by stainless steel.  


Considering the size of a Hydro Cell water bottle with wide mouth 32 oz, the weight of such an empty bottle is comparatively low at 0.52 pound (an empty Klean Kanteen Insulated 20 oz weighs about 0.72 pound). The low weight together with the good sealing functionality ensures the portability of Hydro Cell water bottles. In fact, the compact Hydro Cell water bottle is favored by outdoor enthusiasts who take their loved Hydro Cell to a variety of outdoor activities like mountain-climbing, hiking, yachting and so on.


If you want to pick up a rival among water bottle brands against Hydro Cell in terms of the price, then it would be difficult for you to find one given the same quality. Let’s make a comparison between Hydro Flask water bottle with wide mouth 32oz and Hydro Cell stainless steel water bottle 32 oz to facilitate your understanding. See the chart below.


Hydro Flask

Hydro Cell


Stainless Steel 18/8 (SUS304)

Stainless Steel 18/8 (SUS304)





32 oz

32 oz

Item Price



It is clearly shown that Hydro Cell water bottle 32 oz is far cheaper than Hydro Flask 32 oz. What’s more, since these two bottles are both of the premium quality, Hydro Cell is beyond doubt the one that boasts higher cost performance.


Ecoshine Drinkware Limited enjoyed drinking with the Hydro Cell water bottle wide mouth 32 oz during a series of meticulous tests and has now recognized the good quality of it. This water bottle has high cost performance and excellent functions, offering customers unparalleled drinking experience. Hydro Cell water bottles come in a spectrum of color options, it is believed that you will find the one that appeals to your eyes. So, our answer of the question “Are Hydro Cell Water Bottles Good?” is “yes”!

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