Can You Put Insulated Bottles in The Dishwasher?

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How To Clean Vacuum Insulated Bottles

hand washing vacuum insulated bottles
vacuum insulated bottle in dishwasher

  • Dishwasher: You can put the vacuum insulated bottles into dishwasher but Separate caps & bottle & sealing gasket to avoid damage and have adequate cleaning. Don’t be worry about the heat inside dishwasher would damage the vacuum seal, it’s fake, but you have to pay attention to the surface coating of your stainless steel vacuum insulated has. It is recommended to use powder coating or non-coating surface vacuum insulated bottle whatever you want to dish-washing or hand washing your bottle.
  • Hand Washing: You can hand washing the stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle with hand washing if you have good patient and enough time daily, it is recommended to use a vacuum insulated bottle with a powder coated or uncoated finish either you want to wash the dishes in a dishwasher or hand wash your bottle.

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