Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Double Walled Water Bottle

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Everybody wants to have a personalized water bottle to make it different from your friends. When you bring a water bottle to go out and it is easy to find out there’s so many same bottles around you, especially some water bottles. And you then might want your own personalized water bottles to show your individuality.

The reusable water bottles are usually made of raw material by plastic, glass, aluminum or stainless steel, and named as follows:

  • Plastic water bottles
  • Glass water bottles
  • Aluminum water bottles
  • Silicone water bottles
  • Stainless steel water bottles

Today we will introduce the customization of double walled stainless steel bottle as it is the most popular and best water bottle nowadays, This can be regarded as a guide of different ways and cost so that you may find it easier to have your own personalized bottle:

how to make a custom double walled stainless steel bottle

How to Make A Double Walled Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Customization of water bottles is a business that can be as small as a private workshop or as large as an international enterprise. But, as we are individuals, we may only need several personalized stainless steel water bottles for ourselves or our family, which means the customization is not that complicated. Let us see what we can do:

  • sticker label
  • engraving
  • silk-screen printing

01. Sticker Label

customized water bottles with stickers

Sticker label is simple and easy to make, but only last for couple months.

Sticker label is the easiest and the lowest cost way to make a unique custom double walled water bottle.

  1. get ideas of any pictures you want to have.
  2. you can buy it from a shop which sells the label you want to have.
  3. you can pay for a graphic designer to draw the custom picture as your wished.
  4. pay small money for a shop that can make custom sticker label.
 Pls note buy “removable” sticker label only. Custom label will cost from 1$ to 20$ usually.

02. Engraving

Customized Water bottles with engraving

Engraving customization can last forever but no color option

Engraving is a etching method to get custom letters or pictures for your stainless steel water bottle.

  1. contact a shop whom offer custom engraving service for water bottle
  2. provide the information you need to make, for example, a simple words, a png format picture.
  3. the size and portion
  4. confirm the mock-up sample

Custom engraving costs from 10$ to 20$ usually.

03. Silk-screen Printing

Custom Single wall stainless steel coffee mug

Silk-screen is easy and fast to make, but will cost a lot. It is durable but not as durable as engraving.

When you need letters or pictures with only 1 or 2 colors, silk-screen printing is the best option.

  1. contact a shop whom offer service for custom silk-screen printing of water bottle
  2. offer information of custom letters or pictures, and the colors, with pictures
  3. confirm the size and portion
  4. confirm the mock-up sample

Silk-screen printing set up costs usually from 50$~100$.

There are more different techniques to make a custom stainless steel water bottle but are much more complicated and expensive to acquire. This processing techniques usually aims to serve a purchasing that contains more than 100 pcs bottles. And if you are interested in understanding how it works, you can read custom graphic double walled water bottle or contact us for more information.

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