How Do You Get the Smell out of A Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle

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Why New Stainless Steel Water Bottle Smell?

Bottle cap and seal ring smell:

Most of the caps of stainless steel water bottle are made from plastic and the seal ring on the cap is made with silicone; if the raw material of plastic or silicone seal is of low quality, it can be smelly even the bottle was just bought from a shop recently.

The bottle plastic cap and silicone seal ring have slight smell, which will disappear after washing. In this situation, it is acceptable, because any material has its slight smell, even material such as stainless steel, wood, paper, and fabric have smell, too.

So it would be unhealthy to drink with a New stainless steel bottle smelly strongly after washing. Such a bottle may be made by poor quality raw material.


Why My Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle Smell

Did not washing bottle appropriately:

Except for filling with pure water, you should wash the stainless steel bottle completely after fill with any other liquid, such as beer, coffee, juice, or milk etc.

Because after your drinking, microorganisms (bacteria) will multiply in it and there will be some microorganisms at the beginning. However, for a couple of days, it will reproduce from generation to generation, and their metabolites will have a variety of flavors. That’s the reason why you will sense the smell.

how to clean stainless steel thermos bottle


How to Clean Stainless Steel Water Bottle to Get the Smell out

Step 1. Washing bottle with salt:

If you want the stainless steel thermos bottle to be cleaned and sterilized, you only need 3 steps. The first step is to pour some salt into the thermos bottle. Then add hot water to the thermos, cover the lid, and shake for 3 minutes. Why wash the stainless steel bottle with salt water before cleaning it? In fact, salt can sterilize and decontaminate bacteria, and soften the tea dirt and other stubborn stains in the inner pot of the thermos. After shaking the thermos cup, pour out the dirt inside.

washing the stainless steel thermos bottle with salt

Step 2: Washing bottle with Soda

Put soda in the thermos bottle, pour in water, cover the lid and shake for 3 minutes. During this shaking process, the soda can rub against the inner wall of the vacuum flask to remove some stains (it can remove tea dirt and stains in the thermos cup). Similarly, when finishing shaking, pour out the dirt inside the bottle and rinse it with clean water. In this way, the thermos cup is clean and sterilized, solving smell issue of the stainless steel bottle.

Washing stainless steel thermos bottle with toothpaste

Step 3: Clean the bottle mouth with toothpaste

After cleaning the inner pot of the thermos, let’s clean the mouth of the thermos bottle. Because the mouth of the cup is often in direct contact with our mouth, if it is not cleaned up thoroughly, it is easily to bring bacteria into the body and harm our health. Therefore, when cleaning the mouth of the vacuum flask, you can apply some toothpaste to the mouth of the vacuum flask. Brush again with a toothbrush. Because the toothpaste contains abrasives that can remove stains on the mouth of the vacuum flask. After cleaning the mouth of the cup, rinse it again with water. In this way, the thermos cup is as clean as a new one and has no bacteria, solving the troubles of smell completely for the stainless steel thermos bottle.

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