How Is A Stainless Steel Water Bottle Made?

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  • a stainless steel water bottle is made by kitchen food grade 18-8 stainless steel material to contain your water liquid inside the beverage container.
  • there are mainly 2 kinds of stainless steel bottles, one is single wall stainless steel bottle which is the same with other water bottles for your hydration drinking, such as plastic water bottle, glass water bottle or silicone water bottle.
  • the other stainless steel water bottle is double walled vacuum insulated bottle that is made with stainless steel material with a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to keep your water liquid beverage hot for 12 hours or icy cold for 24 hours without condensation problem.
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What is vacuum insulated water bottle made of, how it works


Where Are Stainless Steel Water Bottles made?

  • Most of the stainless steel water bottles are made in China, such as Starbucks, YETI, Hydro Flask,S’well, Sigg, etc., and is precisely made in the Yongkang City (adjacent to Yiwu City).
  • The main reason why most of the stainless steel bottles are made in China includes the consideration of the raw material cost, labour cost, technique, also the whole production supply chain.


How Much Does It Cost to Make Stainless Steel Water Bottle Tumbler?

how to custom insulated water bottles
  • If your product team want to develop a completely new structure design stainless steel water bottle, then our engineer team will  work with your team from a design concept, sketch drawing to prototype sample, tooling development, trial production, mass production to final shipment. Read More Processes at……
  • The cost of making a new design stainless steel water bottle tumbler mainly lies in tooling cost which may vary from 2000USD to 10000USD and it usually takes 45 working days.


How Is A Stainless Steel Water Bottle Made?


Raw Material:

The primary raw materials used in the manufacture of the insulated bottle are stainless steel, which forms the outer part as well as the inner part of the cup.

In the production manufacturing process, it would produce a vacuum insulated layer between to double walls (inner cup & outer cup).

The top cap of the insulated bottle can be made with Plastic, Silicone or Stainless Steel.

There must have soft silicone seal to prevent leaking on the bottle mouth opening.


Manufacturing Processes

The stainless steel water bottle with double walls needs to be made from stainless steel with a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls. The bottle also should have threads on the top (inner or outer) to fit with a bottle cap, which can seal the opening mouth stop water leaking. Here are more details about manufacturing processes:

  1. Purchase raw material
  2. Cutting stainless steel tube
  3. Shape forming with water swelling (or deep drawing forming)
  4. Cutting into 2 pieces
  5. Mouth forming with threads
  6. Matching and welding the mouth of stainless steel flask (the out wall and inner wall join together then do Laser welding)
  7. Welding the bottom cap and with an attachment of Getter
  8. Vacuum process inside the vacuum machine is about 4 hours, creating vacuum insulated layer between the double walls stainless steel
  9. Vacuum Test (measure the stainless steel vacuum flask is good quality or faulty on vacuum insulation) 100%
  10. Electrolysis for the inside of the stainless steel vacuum insulated flask (it can clean the dirty to have nice surface, also create a layer on the inner surface to have good corrosion prevention)
  11. Inspection of electrolysis quality 100%
  12. Polishing the surface of outer wall of the stainless steel insulated flask
  13. Inspection of Polishing quality 100%
  14. Vacuum insulation test 100% second time
  15. Decoration (spray painting, powder coating, water transfer painting, heat transfer printing, logo printing or laser engraving etc.)
  16. Assembly with caps, cleaning, inspection, packaging
  17. Perform final QC inspection

How is a stainless steel water bottle made?

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Quality Control

We have incoming inspection, on-line tour inspection, out-going inspection. The test internally complies with ISO9001 system to manage the quality of stainless steel water bottle products.

  • Drop Test
  • Leaking Test
  • Material Test
  • Corrosion Test
  • Vacuum Insulation
  • Heat retention
  • Color matching
  • Printing scratch test
  • Cosmetic inspection
Sample Inspection Plan: Military Standard 105E – II
quality control of stainless steel water bottle tumbler
The Future of Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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