How To Identify BPA Free Water Bottles

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What Material Is BPA-Free?

01: Stainless Steel 18-8 (SUS304) is BPA-Free, it’s a food grade material that has been widely used in medical industry and kitchen products, 100% reusable and recycable.

Don’t choose water bottle that is made by the SUS201 material, which is not a food grade material, unhealthy for hydration, and is easy to get rust.

02: Glass material is BPA-Free, it’s high transparent, the only problem is that it is easy to break when dropped accidentally. Please pay attention to the grade of the glass. It is better to choose High Boron Glass to have more durability with high temperature water.

03: Silicone material is BPA-Free, it’s of food grade and has been widely used in medical industry and tableware. Silicone material is baking & oven & dishwasher safe.


What Plastic Material Is BPA Free?

Plastic Numbers

01: BPA problem occurs only when you drink with HOT water/liquid. BPA can greatly endanger kids’ health. It means you can drink water with PET/HDPE/PE/PP/PS plastic made bottle when filled with cold water. That’s why you can see these bottles made by such mater in the market but mostly they are suitable for cold or room temperature water/drinks.

02: The PP 5# (Polypropylene)is BPA Free. The main bottles on the market are made of PP material and you can see that all the top brands of baby bottles, children’s bottles and sports bottles have parts made of PP.

03: The Tritan 7# (Eastman) is BPA Free, verified by SGS/ITS/BV labs in different brands in the market.

You should buy a water bottle that claims BPA Free on the packaging or product itself, that’s the basic point when you want to know which water bottle is BPA Free, then understand what materials (stainless steel, glass, silicone, plastic) & components (cap, straw, gasket, bottle body, bottle bottom)  the water bottle has to identify whether it is BPA Free or not.

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