Hydro Flask Straw Lid For Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Water Bottle

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Hydro Flask Straw Lid For Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The new-style Hydro Flask straw lid, having an easy-to-use design and dishwasher safe speciality, features high-flow rate of drinking and a tough as well as durable coating of rubber, which is conducive to withstanding bite marks. This straw lid actually has two independent straws, which can be cut in order to fit in with your Hydro Flask water bottle with a wide opening/mouth. There is a compact and convenient finger loop on the lid that enables you to hold on to the bottle firmly wherever you go. What’s more, the lifetime warranty is offered by Hydro Flask and the after-sales service of the straw lid can thus be ensured.

The straw lid can be applicable for various wide mouth Hydro Flask water bottles (12 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz and 60 oz), and the following is the straw cut guide for different volumes: Removing 2.5 inches off the straw if it is a 18 oz bottle; 1.5 inches if it is a 32 oz bottle; 1.4 inches if it is a 40 oz bottle and 1 inch if it is a 64 oz bottle.

It should be noted that the Hydro Flask straw lid can not be applied to wide mouth bottles of older versions/styles. If you want to know whether this straw lid can fit your bottles/flasks, it is advisable for you to check out the fit guide.

Is The Hydro Flask Straw Lid Worth Buying?

Customers Reviews on Amazon: 4.6/5 (4203 global ratings in total)

The new-style straw lid of Hydro Flask is dishwasher safe and convenient for you to drink from. With its strong suction power and leak-proof design, you can taste the drinks carefreely without too much efforts. It can be a perfect replacement for your old lid. The above strengths of the new straw lid may be partly the reasons why people gave 4.6/5 when commenting it.

Why Does My Hydro Flask Straw Lid Leak?

As mentioned above, the new Hydro Flask straw lid has a leak-proof design. So why does my Hydro Flask straw lid leak when drinking?

To answer this question, we have to know some basic knowledge or structure of the lid. The effectiveness of the leak-proof design lies in a small yet important object, namely, a rubber seal. This rubber seal can prevent water from leaking and it is still this trivial gadget that enables the water to flow smoothly from the bottle. Therefore, if this tiny piece is missing, the leak-proof function then fails and your straw lid leaks. There is another possibility that is much more obvious than a missing rubber seal. If the straw lid itself is broken, then the water/drinks will also seep through. And when this happens, you can contact Hydro Flask for a new lid as long as you do not break it purposefully or go against the warranty.

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