Is The Hydro Flask Flex Boot Worth Buying?

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The Hydro Flask Water Bottle has a terrible shortcoming—it dents so easily! The followings are customers’ comments about it.

  1. I would like to say that Hydro Flask is good at keeping my water cold or piping hot. However, it is too fragile! If you drop it, it will definitely have dents. You know this bottle is expensive, and I wish the company can improve its quality to make it worth buying! I have also emailed the company yet received nothing, not even a single reply. I won’t buy any bottle of Hydro Flask.
  2. My colleague introduced the Hydro Flask water bottles to me and I spent a lot of money purchasing one after deep consideration. However, that was a big mistake of buying it! Last week I accidentally dropped the bottle on the marble ground, and it dented with multiple spots. And the bottle no long kept water warm. I was so disappointed that the famous water bottle brand would have such an inferior product!

These two comments clearly express the same problem that Hydro Flask water bottle dents easily. The dents will destroy the insulation performance and that’s why your hydro flask stop working to keep your drinks icy cold for a long period of time. At last, you have to pay extra money for a new one.

It is strongly recommended to buy a silicone flex boot which can protect your bottle from dents and scratches. By doing so, you can use less money to extend the service life of your Hydro Flask water bottle and avoid buying a new expensive bottle.

The Hydro Flask Flex Boot, apart from protecting your bottle at the base, can also make your bottle unique and beautiful with various colors and sizes.

So, Is The Hydro Flask Flex Boot Worth Buying?

It generally costs you less than $10 on Amazon or other authorized online shops to purchase a colorful Hydro Flask flex boot, which is worth buying as it protects your bottle from dents. What’s more, you can pay this extra $10 to save your expensive Hydro Flask water bottle. Sounds great, right? So just buy one to prepare for a rainy day!

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