Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottles Travel Mugs-How They Are Handy While Traveling

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Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Bottles Travel Mugs

Traveling to a hot city like Rome or Mexico requires you to drink fresh cold water so as to maintain your hydration because the hot weather and the sun is burning on top of the sky. 

But don’t be afraid. EcoShine Drinkware provides great stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles and travel mugs, ideally suitable to rush to work, prepare for travel or enjoy nature.

It offers OEM manufacturing service of Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle Vacuum products for global brand customers.

Why stainless steel? A book on “Ductile design of steel structure” from Builder’s book made me understand what an efficient material  for designing travel mugs or bottles the stainless steel is. For the last ten years, I have used stainless steel water bottles. It served me well. I still use it now, especially when I am traveling to somewhere or when I am working.

 I avoid buying bottled water primarily because of the amount of plastic waste that is generated.


How Does It Work?

Do not overfill the mug. It should be filled below the line, which is an inch and a half from the top. It’s a bump outline that’s by itself.

When the lid is sitting in the cup, it will be just about down to that line. Fluid will get in between the gasket and the plastic piece if the mug is overfilled. It’s not going to seal correctly, and there will be fluid in your lid. So, when you are filling that line, make sure that you stop at that line.


How to Keep It Clean?

One of the tricky things about this mug is cleaning the lid and mug. There are a lot of gaskets, and it’s tough to disassemble and reassemble.

If you are using it for drinks, then you can give this a thorough rinse.

But, if you drink coffee or tea with more milk, you should wash the lid properly. Just twist the little plastic piece on the inside of the cover. It will pop right off. This way, you can disassemble the other plastic pieces of the lid and take off the gasket.

Wash the lid chambers with a brush or sponge to get the coffee or tea out of the corners.   


How Travel Mug Are Handy While Travelling

Let’s find out how travel mugs are handy while traveling.

Keeps chilled drinks, cool and hot drinks, hot

Stainless steel water bottles or travel mugs are the best inventions for travelers to keep with them while traveling. Drink chilling water or hot drinks wherever you are so you can stay alert and be more effective. 

Hydro flask water bottles

A stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mug is rated to keep water cold or warm for 24 hours.

The mug is usually double-walled and includes an extra third copper layer that prevents condensation on the mug’s exterior.

The mug is made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, is usually BPA free and comes in various colors and finishes.

I used stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle during my trip to Joshua Tree National Park. This bottle did an incredible job of keeping the water cold all day, despite the temperature being close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Leakproof and no spill

It’s really durable and virtually spillproof if you use it properly.


Eco Friendly.

Stainless steel travel mug is a reusable travel mug made of high-quality steel 18-8. This material is highly resistant to rust and does not need a liner. It’s Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, Reusable, and Eco-Friendly. It is entirely safe won’t make you sick. It is the healthiest travel mug to use.


One-click, one-handed operation

The lid is super robust and remarkable. You flip or press the top to open or close it. When it’s in the close position, you can turn it upside down in a bag or your car, and it’s not going to spill.


Easy refilling

My stainless steel mug has been taken to all my work meetings. My drinks can stay cold on a weekend camping trip, and the bottle hasn’t leaked once. I am impressed by the lovely designs as well. It’s easy to refill if you are at the airport or on a trip. 

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