Vacuum Insulated Bottle How It Works?

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What Is Vacuum Insulated Bottle?

what is vacuum insulated bott
  • Double walls construction stainless steel
  • A plastic or steel cap with silicone sealing gasket on the top
  • A vacuum layer between the double walls to have vacuum insulation
The main material of a vacuum insulated bottle is stainless steel, it’s totally 100% food grade, durable without a glass inner wall as old style vacuum flask, with a getter to seal the hole to maintain vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to keep drinks cold or hot.


The Inside of The Vacuum Insulated Bottle

inside of the vacuum insulated bottle
  1. Screw on top cap/lid
  2. Air tightened silicone sealing gasket on the cap/lid
  3. Electrolysis surface inside of the bottle to prevent rust/corrosion
  4. Inner wall of stainless steel
  5. Vacuum layer between the double walls to have vacuum insulation function
  6. Copper shield on the surface of inner wall (invisible) for enhancing heat preservation performance
  7. Outer wall of stainless steel
  8. Coating on the surface of the outer wall for customized printing/colors


How It Works to Keep Drinks Cold?

how stainless steel insulated water bottle vacuum flask works
  • Suppose you want to drink hot coffee or cold beer for a few hours on the go, and you need a vacuum insulated flask to keep ice for 24 hours or more and keep coffee hot for 12 hours or more, then you can drink coffee or beer at your favorite temperature anytime and anywhere.
  • How vacuum insulated bottles keep cold beer for 24 hours or more? When we put cold beer in a vacuum bottle, the bottle has vacuum insulation between the double walls where there is airless space “vacuum space” that stops cold transfer or heat transfer from the inside of the bottle to the outside and stops heat transfer from the outside to the inside of the bottle, which virtually eliminates convection processes and temperature changes to keep your drink from staying ice cold or vapor hot, no matter what environment you are in.
  • The copper shield on the inner surface is used to improve the insulation performance to support the vacuum insulated bottle to work better as it creates a reflective metal layer, the reflective layer allows the cold or hot energy to stay inside the bottle more and longer to improve by 10% to 30% in different designs.
  • Since we need a drinking spout at the top of the vacuum insulated flask, which is the outlet for cold and hot energy, we need to have a screw cap/lid with an airtight sealing gasket to eliminate heat transfer and also to prevent leakage, we can design different top caps for the vacuum flask to get better vacuum insulation and better functionality.


As we can see, the vacuum insulation between the double walls of the vacuum insulated bottle prevents the conduction of heat from inside to outside or from outside to inside to keep it cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours because heat cannot be conducted through the vacuum space when there are no molecules moving to carry the heat, and the reflective metal layer and airtight screw cap help to eliminate convection processes and temperature changes to keep your drink staying cold or steamy hot whether you are in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. To understand more about how it works and how to design or manufacture a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle, welcome to leave comments here or contact us for technique supports.

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