What Are Hydro Flask Bottles Used For?

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What Are Hydro Flask Bottles Used For?

Travis Rosbach thought that there was an untold number of thermos bottles in the market and it would be too difficult for him to vie with other matured thermos brands. Therefore, he decided to establish a bottle brand that specialized in cold insulation and hence came Hydro Flask. He set up long-term strategic relationships with a Chinese factory who would on a regular basis ship stainless steel insulated water bottles with both premium quality and agreeable prices.

The first bottle of Hydro Flask was sold in 2009, which had the capability of keeping drinks hot for 6 hrs or icy cold for 12 hrs. It was clearly presented that the cold insulation performance overshadowed that of counterparts in the market at the same time. Therefore, if you now want to enjoy your cold drinks, pick up a bottle of Hydro Flask.

Water bottles of Hydro Flask are made by stainless steel with double wall vacuum insulation and a TempShield lid. These water bottles have a superior temperature retention and are designed to meet your hydration needs. You can taste the chillness of or the warmth of the drinks after a long period of time! In other words, you will definitely feel amazed before this magic bottle. What’s more, this material is absolutely BPA free and toxic-free, offering you healthy hydration.

Water bottles of Hydro Flask are equipped with mouths/openings of proper width so that it is convenient for you to drink waters/liquids and is helpful to seal the temperature inside of the bottles. The compact mouths/openings are also ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, barbecues and mountain-climbing.

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