What Can I Use with S’well Bottle

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What Can I Use with S’well Bottle

The Original S’well Bottle: The classic S’well bottle is coveted for a reason: it combines beautiful design with superb quality, and can be used around the clock for all your hydration needs. We love using it for everything from ice water to white wine to green juice. It’ll keep your beverage cold for up to 36 hours and hot for up to 18, and maintain a condensation-free exterior so you’ll never have to worry about it sweating in your bag or making water rings on your desk.


Can I Put Hot Liquid in My S’well Bottle?

Surely you can put hot liquid water in your S’well bottle anytime anywhere, and it will keep your hot liquid warm for 12 hours even you are at cold winter nights.


Can I put Soda in A S’well Bottle?

The soda is fine with S’well bottle. You can keep it cold for 24 hours and enjoy drinking in hot summer days. The S’well bottle maintains a condensation-free exterior so that you’ll never have to worry about it sweating in your bag or making water rings on your desk. The bottle is also equipped with a leak-proof lid on the top and avoids leaking issues.


Can I Put Milk in S’well Bottle?

Surely you can keep milk in s’well bottles. The bottle is made by kitchen food grade stainless steel 18-8 that is toxic free, BPA free, and complies with FDA.

The S’well bottle also keeps milk hot or fresh cold for your baby, but we do not recommend you to keep milk in the bottle over a day.


Can I Put Lemon in A S’well Bottle?

You can put lemon and any other juice in a S’well bottle to keep it ice cold for a long hot summer days.


Why Does My S’well Bottle Smell?

Why the swell bottle smells?  It will happen when you keep the liquid, especially milk/juice/tea for a couple of days. It’s not recommended to keep any juice/milk/tea in a stainless steel metal bottle over a day, which may lead to the similar spoilage as food does.

Another reason why your S’well bottle smells lies in your incaution. You may forget to clean your swell bottle after drinking tea, milk, juice and soda drinkings. These liquid left inside the stainless steel bottle can also result in spoilage issues that make the bottle smelly.


How Often Should I Wash My S’well Bottle?

We should wash our S’well bottles every time we use it (drinking with beer, tea, milk, juice etc.). Otherwise these liquid left inside the bottle may bring about spoilage or rust issues.

After you have washed the S’well bottle, do not forget to keep it in a dry environment to avoid rust. Do it in the same way as you keep other stainless steel kitchenware and tableware.

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