What Does A Hydro Flask Boot Do?

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When a Hydro Flask water bottle is accidentally dropped on a hard floor/ground, dents can easily appear. These dents usually occur at the bottom of the bottle, but they can also be caused if a strong force is applied to the bottle. So how do you avoid dents from happening and what water bottle boots can protect your bottle?

What Does A Hydro Flask Boot Do?

  1. The Hydro Flask boot is easy to be installed on the bottle as its built-in vent hole can release the air pressure smoothly
  2. The slip-proof design of the boot at the base ensures that no scratch will appear on the surface of the bottle
  3. The HydroFlask boot is characterized by flexible and stretchable design that securely holds and protects the bottle
  4. The Hydro Flask boot,made by thick silicone, boasts incredible durability when added to the bottle as it tolerates no dent and damage resulted from accidental dropping on the hard ground/floor

Where To Buy Hydro Flask Boots

ECOSHINE DRINKWARE LIMITED offers you a variety of colors and designs of Hydro Flask boots/sleeves in bulk with the agreeable wholesale price for international customers. We also welcome your orders of custom logo, color, printing and packing, and will provide you with the proper minimum order quantity for your reference.

The Guardian of Water Bottle Bottom

  • Present an entirely new appearance of your water bottle
  • Flexible &stretchable
  • BPA-free promise
  • 100% silicone-made
  • Anti-dents, damage and clunking noise design

No More Clunks, Clinks or Dings

  • Wide and deep mouth for easy installation
  • Fits Hydro Flask water bottles of 32 oz and 40 oz
  • Thick silicone
  • Low possibility of slipping or tipping over

Appealing Appearance

  • Tone color of vibrancy never fades in the years ahead
  • Light in weight
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and travelling

Two-in-one Function

  • Vent hole to squeeze out air
  • Hand wash only
  • Applicable for pet drinking bowl
  • Versatile applications in coffee mugs/mugs/tumblers and sports bottles
  • No accessories (cleaning tools, replaceable lids or openers)

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