What Is A Wine Tumbler Cup? Insulated Wine Tumbler

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What Is A Wine Tumbler Cup? Insulated Wine Tumbler.

There are different types of wine tumbler cups: you can find out glass wine tumbler, plastic wine tumbler, paper wine tumbler, but the best option for your beer wine with slow drinking is a stainless steel vacuum insulated wine tumbler, which are perfect to hold your cold wine and drink it slowly so as to enjoy the leisure and relaxing time with your friends and family. With the double wall insulated structure design, the tumbler tolerates no condensation and is comfortable to hold. Is this a good and maybe the best option?

double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel wine tumbler


How Wine Tumbler Works?

It is cool and enjoyable to drink the ice cold beer or wine from a wine tumbler without condensation, but how does a wine tumbler work so well to make it?

Vacuum insulated wine tumbler cup is made from double walls of 18-8 stainless steel that is highly resistant to rust, does not need a liner, and is compliant with California Prop 65 regulations and Title 21 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations. It is also non-toxic, BPA-free, reusable, eco-friendly, totally safe to drink wine from a tumbler. This wine tumbler is also equipped with a vacuum insulation technology plus copper lining to prevent heat moving by convection. What is the purpose of a wine tumbler? The purpose of wine tumbler is to keep your beer wine ice cold for hours at home, camping, or a party.


Our Picks of 4 Best Insulated Wine Tumbler

Nowadays, there are more and more designs and brands of wine tumbler in the market. However, the material of these wine tumblers also varies from companies to companies. We surely want to buy and drink  with a wine tumbler made from high quality food grade safe materials, and enjoy fresh cold wine drinking as long as it should be. Here we pick 4 typical design insulated wine tumblers in the market for your consideration.

The trademark of YETI®, Swig®, Corkcicle®, BruMate® has no business relationship with Ecoshine Drinkware Limited, we only share information here.


Wine Tumbler Lid + Care

These Swigs come with a slider lid to reduce messes while on the move and to maximize temperature retention. The straw-friendly opening can be covered with the slide-closure to minimize spills when not in use. The slider is removable for easy cleaning and will snap back in place. Always be cautious when handling hot liquids and please take care not to drink hot liquids from a straw. Straws are sold separately.


Swig Insulated Wine Tumbler Cup

Swig triple insulation technology helps travel mugs and stemless wine cups to keep drinks cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours. The  user-friendly design of mugs cup holder makes it the perfect travel companion and the wine cups unbreakable construction makes it ideal for cocktails by the pool.

  • Both Swigs keep drinks cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours
  • Travel Mug: holds up to 18oz, fits most standard cup holders
  • Wine Cup: holds up to 14oz
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
  • Slip-free, scratch-free and noise-free silicone base
  • Includes BPA-free lid with removable slider for cleaning
  • Triple insulation technology: double-walled, vacuum-sealed and copper-plated
  • Condensation free and non-breakable
  • Constructed of 5mm 304-18/8 stainless steel
  • Straws sold separately
  • Travel Mug measures 5.75” H x 5” W (lid and handle included); base 2.75” in diameter; 0.6 lb when empty
  • Wine Cup measures 5” H x 3.5” W (lid included); base 2.5” in diameter; 0.6 lb when empty


Yeti Insulated Wine Tumbler Cup Mug

Keep your coffee hot well into the morning, ice in your cocktails till the last sip, and water, smoothies, cold brews, and craft beers just how you like them with insulated and dishwasher-safe drinkware. YETI Rambler® Tumblers come in a range of sizes, most of which fit in the cup holder of your truck, boat, or four-wheeler.


Which Size YETI® Wine Tumbler Cup Should I Use?

While each size and shape is perfect for anything you are drinking, there are certainly a few good use cases for each.

The Rambler® Wine Tumbler is aptly named and is ideal for a glass of your favorite vino—whether it’s a Texas Hill Country red or a chilled French white. On the other hand, the Rambler Lowball is perfect for a morning cup of coffee or a few fingers of whiskey in the afternoon. Collectively, they are best used around base camp or where you hang your hat for the evening.

The two larger sizes—20 and 30 oz. Tumblers—are versatile and are ideal for on the go hydration whether your drink of choice is piping hot or ice-cold. Put anything from a breakfast smoothie to hot tea in either of these and hit the road with a tumbler built to fit in your lifestyle and cup holder.


Are YETI Wine Tumblers Leakproof?

The short answer is no. While splash-resistant with the MagSlider™ Lid, Rambler Tumblers are not 100% leakproof. If jostled in traffic or knocked over in the boat, some liquid will spill out due to pressure releasing inside the tumbler. For a drinkware option that is 100% leakproof, take a look at YETI Bottles and Jugs.


What Is the Cap for YETI Wine Tumbler?

The Yeti Wine Tumbler and included MagSlider™ cap are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The part of transparent cap is made from Eastman® tritan material, and the sliding lid is made from food grade Polypropylene(plastic #5). The smooth-sliding lid adds an additional barrier of protection to keep your wine contained and at the perfect temperature, but please note — this magnet component is not leakproof and will not prevent spills.


Corkcicle Stemless Insulated Wine Tumbler

  • Triple-insulated stainless steel – Keeps cold drinks cold for 9 hours and hot ones hot for 3 hours; By the pool, on the patio, at the office – wherever.
  • Ergonomic flat sides; non-slip, silicone bottom – Our patented, easy-grip sides ensure that Stemless stays securely in your hand. The silicone bottom is designed to prevent it from sliding and spilling.
  • Spill-resistant lid – Ensures that your drinks staying inside Stemless, not on you. Includes a removable silicone band for easy cleaning.
  • Available in your favorite shade, sheen, animal print, glitter, color, and always ready to party. Make every sip an experience.
  • Free from BPA – sip with piece of mind. All of our products are free from BPA
BrüMate Uncork'd XL 14oz Wine Glass Tumbler


BrüMate Uncork’d XL 14oz Glass Wine Tumbler with Lid

  • THE LARGEST TRIPLE-INSULATED Uncork’d XL: holding over half a bottle of wine, the BrüMate Uncork’d XL lets you relish your wine, cold/hot drinks just the way you like them by keeping them at the same temperature from the time you pour them in till to the last drop
  • STAYS COOL AND DRY TO THE TOUCH: the exterior of the Uncork’d XL will always stay cool and condensation-free, so you’ll be able to hold it comfortably and enjoy your drinks in style
  • CRAFTED FROM DURABLE, FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: no worries about shattering the Uncork’ed XL as it’s made of premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel with superior quality powder coat that’s rust resistant; go on, make fragile glasses history!
  • REMOVABLE SPLASH-PROOF LID: the Uncork’d XL comes with a toxin-free clear plastic lid with a thoughtful slide tab that makes it convenient for you to insert a small stirrer or straw
  • FLAUNT YOUR STYLE: the Uncork’d XL comes in a dazzling range of finishes that will match every occasion; can’t decide whether to get that gorgeous glitter or timeless matt look? Get BOTH!


How to Personalize Wine Tumbler

You may want to personalize wine tumbler to have unique color, pictures, or a name on it for gift or entertainment.

There are many different ways to personalize your wine tumbler. Let’s have a close look at how to make it works, it maybe much easier and accessible than you may think……

  1. Buy stickers with any kind of pictures you want to have, place the stickers on your wine tumbler to finish the personalization, pls note you must buy a removable sticker or it would be difficult to remove it completely when you want to change a new sticker.
  2. Order your wine tumbler from a shop which offerS personalized “engraving or printing” services. You just need to tell what personalization information you need and they will quote an affordable prices for these simple requirements.
  3. A custom full color. You can contact wine tumbler supplier in China such as Ecoshine Drinkware Limited to make a personalized color of your tumbler, just confirm the quantities and color with pantone number you need before you order it.
  4. A custom design picture which requires complex decoration printing job that is only suitable for a group or a company, because there is a set up printing plate cost and it takes longer time to finish: (printing plate price: 150$ USD / each design, printing sample lead time: 15 days).

You may have more different requirements to personalize your wine tumbler designs, to create a custom shape, lid wine tumbler, or a custom packaging of wine tumbler products. You can get a quick view “Custom insulated water bottles” to understand more details of the processes to finish and acquire your personalization.


Where to Buy Wine Sippy Cup Tumbler?

You can buy wine tumbler sippy cup  from local shops or Amazon for your family or some activities. There are different amount of packaging from single 1 pcs to start, or 4 pcs pack, 12 pcs pack. We would advise you to buy a 4 pcs pack that is more cheaper and can have 4 wine tumblers for your drinking at different places.

As a company who run a business with insulated wine tumbler products, wholesaler, or private brand, the way you buy wine tumbler products is go to Alibaba to contact a supplier to get a cheap prices in bulk quantities, or you can contact suppliers like Ecoshine Drinkware Limited whom is specialized in wine tumbler products oem manufacturing for your custom design wine tumbler projects.

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