What’s So Special About Hydro Flask Bottles?

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What’s So Special About Hydro Flask Bottles?

Have you ever noticed that Hydro Flask water bottles of an array of colors and sizes has indeed occupied many REI around you? These bottles, with powder coating ornaments, boast their brightness and you can feel as if the “lemon yellow” is seizing your eyes. Of course, Hydro Flask water bottles are pursued by the young all over the world.  

It seems that the prevalence of Hydro Flask water bottles happens at once. Actually, Hydro Flask is becoming one of the top water bottle brands that feature premium quality and ultimate performance. In other word, like other famous water brands such as Yeti and Brumate, products of Hydro Flask are high in prices yet durable in use. The Bend, Ore. Company has a long stretch of outdoor sports equipment and is currently promoting Hydro Flask water bottles of varied colors to American shops and stores. And even some big companies are sending to employees customized Hydro Flask bottles as holiday gifts.

So what’s so special about Hydro Flask water bottles? Let’s see what the general manager Scott Allan said.

“Well, nothing is special”, he laughed and said.

Advanced Vacuum Insulated Technology

You really think that Scott was making a joke? LOL, Scott’s “nothing” virtually refers to the vacuum space that is void of air. Hydro Flask water bottles are made by premium stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304) with vacuum insulated technology. The space of “nothing” can keep beverages/drinks cold for up to 24 hrs or hot for 6 hrs!

This vacuum technology owes to Stanley Thermos who invented it 100 years ago, and still can be found in many upscale bottles/tumblers. Whereas, Hydro Flask developed an innovative idea in 2009 and adopted an usual path of growth. Thermos is now recognized as heat and Hydro Flask tried to make its name a symbol of coldness. “I think that’s a right decision because no one has ever done that before. It is really making a difference. In the market there are so many good thermos bottles yet there is only a small number of high quality cold-keeping flasks”, Scott said.   

Hydro Flask’s success enlightened many other brands that the innovation of old technologies can be the driving power for the company. Besides, Hydro Flask also upgraded small parts of the bottle. For example, insulation patterns of a new honeycomb shape are added to the lids/caps and steel lugs are considered to offer better grip. What’s more, by adopting an exterior with powder coating, the durability of the bottle is realized. All these help Hydro Flask become a new favorite.  

Even with all these strengths, it is still not easy to occupy such a large bottle market. So the next thing they did was to be noticed by the public. “We have to impress people with our products,” Scott said. “So we shipped our bottles that were full of ices across the whole country and delivered them to our buyers. Our diligent sale representatives dropped bottles in front of dealers and asked them to make phone calls when the ice in the bottle melted.” “That action made a hit and we gathered excellent reputation across the country”, Scott said.

In 2012, Hydro Flask successfully took over Oregon and in 2013, it began to subdue the Pacific Northwest before marching to the sunlit beaches of Hawaii in 2014. Later, the company expanded its sales network to the whole world. Scott also pointed out the significance of establishing collaborations with other big companies such as household outdoor brand Columbia, which in turn boosted their development mutually.

Advancing with its new vacuum-sealing H20, Hydro Flask continues to shine its brightness. Its success is a living example of making something from “nothing”.

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