Where Are Hydro Cell Bottles Made

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Where Are Hydro Cell Bottles Made?

Hydro Cell is an emerging water bottle brand in the United States. This brand has premium quality water bottles of all kinds and offers customers a spectrum of color options. Besides, the custom logo/size/color/packing is also admired both by investors and customers. So here comes a question: “Where are Hydro Cell water bottles made?”

Where Are Hydro Cell Bottles Made

Actually, almost 95% of the world’s stainless steel water bottles is manufactured in China. China is home to abundant natural and human resources. As a result, this country is capable of making stainless steel water bottles in a lower cost in bulk. In addition, the convenient transportation between China and the United States further offers great possibility of doing foreign trade. The quality of products made in China has improved a lot during the past 40 years, and you can really trust Chinese manufacturers’ high quality products and their stable supply.   

You can check water bottles of Hydro Cell and will definitely find out that there is a “Made in China” lettering on either the bottom of the bottle or the outer package box. So just give up looking for a domestic Hydro Cell water bottle manufacturer as there is none!

How to Make a Water Bottle Brand Like Hydro Cell?

If you want to establish your own water bottle brand like Hydro Cell to have your own business, you can contact us Ecoshine Drinkware Limited. We have been devoted to manufacturing water bottles/tumbler/can coolers/pet bowls for nearly a decade, and can offer you custom logo/color/packing with low price in bulk. So if you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy Chinese water bottle manufacturer and wish to establish long term cooperation, just contact us Ecoshine! We stand ready to offer you high quality water bottles.

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