Why Does My Hydro Flask Stop Working?

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How hydro flask works to keep ice cold 24 hours up

My Hydro Flask Stop Working?

When you buy a hydro flask water bottle, you must expect it to be usable for years as it is often the case that you have paid an expensive price to purchase a reusable, durable stainless steel insulated water bottle.

But one day you find your expensive hydro flask stop working suddenly and fail to keep ice cold for a whole day, the ice block melts and ice cold water turns to warm only in 1 or 2 hours. How does this happen and can we fix it?

Before we try to find the reason why it stops working, let’s see how it works to keep our ice cold water for a long day:

How Does A Hydro Flask Keep Cold?

The hydro flask water bottle is characterized by double walls of stainless steel. It has a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to prevent heat conducting from inside to outside or vice versa as the heat itself can’t go through the wall without air. Therefore, with this vacuum space layer, you can taste ice cold water inside the bottle for a long period of time.

Why did my Hydro Flask stop working?

Why Did My Hydro Flask Stop Working?

Now you have understood that a hydro flask water bottle relies on the vacuum insulation tech to keep water cold for a long period and you must have known whether it is broken. So the main reason why hydro flask stops working is: 

01. A visible dent on the hydro flask that would cause the two walls of stainless steel collides together, which makes vacuum insulation disappear and stop working to keep ice cold for a long period of time; 

02. Some hydro flask water bottles without visible dent but is still not working? Why is that? For these hydro flask bottles stop working without visible dent on it, you might purchase a poor vacuum insulation hydro flask water bottle which was manufactured in fault by the seller. The fault may result from a poor welding getter that should have kept vacuum insulation sustainable for years. In this situation, you can hear a suspect rattling noise inside the flask yet its vacuum insulation is still working at the beginning. However, this problem will get worse as time goes by and eventually result in the stop of working. That’s why most manufacturers can’t identify the defect and select it out during production. This flaw is rare to see but still happens.

Both of the problems (dents on bottle and poor insulation vacuum performance) can’t be fixed. And you have to return it back to the seller for repair.

How do you tell if your hydro flask is broken? You can test the insulation of your flask at home with boiling water. First, you should pour the boiling water from a kettle or pot directly into the hydro flask, filling it all the way to the neck. You must be cautious enough to prevent yourself from scalding during the first step. And do not grasp the flask while filling with boiling water. Also, do not place the cap over the flask. After about 5 minutes, you should feel the surface of the flask (below the neck). If you feel any hot spots, then the insulation has been compromised.

why my hydro flask water bottle stop working

How Long Is Ice Supposed To Last In A Hydro Flask?

How long is ice supposed to last in a hydro flask? This has always been a question. And you must have got many answers from articles and videos, but what is the right answer for it?

Hydro flasks of different sizes and designs can keep ice cold for different periods:

01.A standard hydro flask water bottle with flex lid can keep ice for 24 hours. The sport cap is worse than the flex cap in terms of maintaining temperature, but it still can keep ice for up to 12 hours.

02.A wide mouth hydro flask water bottle with flex lid can keep ice for 24 hours. The straw lid is worse than the flex cap, but it still can keep ice for 12 hours.

03.A hydro flask wine tumbler with press-in lid can keep ice cold for 9 hours, and with press-in straw lid can keep ice cold for 6 hours.

That means when your hydro flask keeps ice less than 6 hours, it must attribute to the poor insulation performance or improper usage.

For more problems of your hydro flask water bottles, you can read the article “Stainless Steel Thermos Flask Problems“.

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