Why Is Hydro Flask So Expensive

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  •  Hydro Flask has become a high-end water bottle brand that is popular not only in the U.S. but also in countries of other continents.
  • Expensive as it is, a single bottle of Hydro Flask can cost you from $35 to$65.
  • The stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle of Hydro Flask adopts advanced TempShield technology, which serves as the additional value to make the product itself much more competitive in the market.


Why Is Hydro Flask So Expensive?

Hydro Flask, with its popular and reliable stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles, has entered high-end water bottle market both at home and abroad. It is now a symbol of expensive yet high quality products. Actually, the company was founded in 2009 and has gained such a tremendous success in a short period of time, which really surprised people and other water bottle brands. The most priciest product of Hydro Flask is the Hydro Flask Oasis Water Jug that is sold at retail for $175! Hydro Flask also sells products like tumblers, growlers and food flasks.

Despite that Hydro Flask sells products of varied types, the vacuum insulated water bottle surpasses its counterparts in terms of the sales volume. The desirable bottle of 32 oz with a wide mouth retails for $50. You can also get different sizes of Hydro Flask water bottles if needed. So why are Hydro Flask water bottles so expensive? There are mainly two reasons: technology and marketing.

Hydro Flask was set up by Travis Rosbach who thought it would be difficult for his thermos products to compete with counterparts in the market, because nearly every brand has perfect thermos bottles. However, Travis found that water bottles featuring premium cold insulation performance were quite rare. Therefore, he cooperated with an experienced factory in China to research and develop such a bottle that can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hrs. You have known the results: Hydro Flask made quite a success.    

The first water bottle of Hydro Flask entered the market in 2009, and after years of upgrading you can purchase pretty good vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles of this company.

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